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6/26/2011 04:22:57 am

Hello world :)

7/4/2011 09:42:36 am

Fortissimo Karolis !

e Forza CCRT

Luc Foekema
7/13/2011 06:57:38 pm

I hope this will become a big succes.
Twostroke engines are born for racing!
Unless the engines are yet very powerfull, the end has still not been reached.
I hope to see my FST running in the futures on circuits all over the world.

Kind regards,

10/5/2011 05:40:05 am

UEM declaration :

Project of new championship for a new type of motorcycles
The engineer Franco Barazzuti presented to UEM a project of technical rules for a new Road Racing European Cup dedicated to motorcycles of 50 cc., 125 cc. e 250 cc. classes for prototypes using fuel different from petrol. The project considers 5 or 6 events to be held on tracks outside those in use in the Moto GP or Superbike World Championships and in conjunction with events of regional championships (in particular Alpe Adria) and national. A meeting is scheduled in Assen between Barazzutti and W. Pomper, Dutch promoter of a similar project in order to define a common strategy to reach as soon as possible this objective.

12/26/2011 05:55:25 pm

Great Idea! Hope CCRT grown up quickly! In order to have a professional website my little advices are:

- buy a properly domain name
- re-new graphics & layout of the website (It is look like made by an amateur)


10/20/2016 07:33:24 am

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